Not really any reason, but still trying to justify.....

Having born in India, movies kinda create a craze in you. What always created a craze in me was that every actor in the movie started naming themselves after rajnikanth named hiself "SuperStar". Espically the recent guy called himself "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". Crazy set of people, but I couldnt save myself from that :-D

So I had a list of names, the most of them I liked was "Turaco", a beautiful bird in the african regions.

But somehow , I always had this urge to learn new things, not just technlogy stuff, but open to a lot of things. So I though, I needed a word that conveys that I am open to anything.

But then I just found the word voidspace intresting. What made it more intresting is the domain name, .xyz, voidspace and .xyz went in well. It blended awesome :-)

So just went ahead.

My email is (if you were wondering)

null is a computer keyword meaning nothing, just empty :-D