The typical Mistake in a FizzBuzz Problem


This is one such interview question that no fresher has answered right in the first attempt. After about taking a few 10 interview candidates at my workplace, I am actually suprised. I was able to get it right the fist attempt.

So what is the question ?

Write a program that …

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Building a Custom Centos 6.6 Respin


As a part of our work at Fractalio, we wanted to build a custom Cent- OS ISO, to be able to circulate it amongst people for them test and get a feel of what we are trying to build. We had a trail once before and we had failed miserably …

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Why did I decide to call myself "voidspace"


Not really any reason, but still trying to justify.....

Having born in India, movies kinda create a craze in you. What always created a craze in me was that every actor in the movie started naming themselves after rajnikanth named hiself "SuperStar". Espically the recent guy called himself "Twinkle Twinkle …

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When should we quit ?


I had been working on a project called CHARCHA , for quite sometime now. The aim of this project is not to reinvent something that already exists, rather combine a few tools to make a workflow better. Before building thus product , I have to confess that I have worked for 2 …

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IT life and a remote village


Everybody has dreams in life.

Part 1 : History

Unlike every engineering graduate, I also wanted to work for an IT company, earn money and lead a happy life. I was trained to be "No Different from others" in life, work etc. I was not that super cool programmer who would …

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