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Hello human, Welcome here. I go by the name VoidSpaceXYZ on the internet. I work as a DevOps during the day, and as a FOSS projects mentor and Evangelist during the nights and weekends. My primary interest lies at the intersection of Access + Decentralization and Rights. This site is meant to share my life explorations and rants to the world.

FLOSS[Free(dom)/Libre and Open Source Software] has been the code of my life not just in softwares.

"Seriously, who really cares how long the Nile river is, or who was the first to discover cheese? How is memorizing that ever going to help anyone? Instead, we need to give kids projects that allow them to exercise their minds and discover things for themselves. So be curious. Read widely. Try new things. What people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity.”

Aaron Swartz

Open Data and Open Access at the moment is about developers and it needs to be about communities. If cities are to enjoy truly transformational benefits from the opening up of data they need to find ways to get data into the hands of ordinary people, so they can interrogate that data and begin to solve their own problems.


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